[Case Study] Plenty Of Fish + Multiple offers & Landing Pages


Before starting any campaign we always like to understand our target audience so we write the questions that our target audience might ask or the situations they might find themselves into. This way you can come up with different angles for every campaign you want to start & any platform you use. We are going to cover the whole campaign in this post & you can even copy it word by word, you will probably end up making a slight profit but you can improve on what we have here if you put some time into it. Setting Up POF Ads We came up with the angle of Females over 18 who have a body type of a few extra pounds looking for sugar daddies. As you can see this setup is really targeted so the message sent is a clear one. The offers we picked from our affiliate network Continue Reading

Huge List Of PPC/PPV Traffic Sources

List Of Paid Advertising Networks

We all know how important High Quality traffic is in this industry, without it we would be nothing. Having a list of traffic sources to fall on is a great tool to avoid searching them each time you wish to use one of them, I’ve been personally making use of this list for over 5 years while updating it regularly with new sources I found along the way. So without much ado here’s the a compiled list of High Quality PPC/PPV traffic sources:   PPC/Contextual Google Adwords – Search & Display Network Bing Ads – Search and Content Text/Contextual ads 7Search – 2nd-tier Search PPC network LookSmart – self serve search/contextual text ads AdKnowledge – 2nd tier network: Mobile App Install, Social Interaction. AdKnowledge – 2nd tier network: Mobile App Install, Social Interaction. Affinity – 2nd tier network: PPC & Display Advertising IndustryBrains – PPC/Display Ads On Premium National and Continue Reading

Top 7 High Quality Traffic Sources You Are Not Using Yet

Online Traffic

In the Internet Marketing world, traffic is everything. You can have the best website on the internet but with no traffic you will not make a single dollar. It’s important to understand one thing before starting to drive traffic, there are two types of traffic: Untargeted Traffic & Targetted traffic. 10 Targetted Visits will definetly be more beneficial to you than 100 untargetted visitors. Solo Ads  When you purchase a solo ad, you are basically sending a dedicated email to someone else’s subscriber list. Choosing the right subscriber list obviously makes the whole difference. Make sure to select a subscriber list in the same niche as your website. We all know how email traffic is one of the highly converting traffic so do definitely try this type of traffic source. Guest Blogging This is one of the most powerful means of online advertising but it can be expensive depending on Continue Reading