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Top 7 High Quality Traffic Sources You Are Not Using Yet

In the Internet Marketing world, traffic is everything. You can have the best website on the internet but with no traffic you will not make a single dollar. It’s important to understand one thing before starting to drive traffic, there are two types of traffic: Untargeted Traffic & Targetted traffic. 10 Targetted Visits will definetly be more beneficial to you than 100 untargetted visitors. Solo Ads  When you purchase a solo ad, you are basically sending a dedicated email to someone else’s subscriber list. Choosing the right subscriber list obviously makes the whole difference. Make sure to select a subscriber list in the same niche as your website. We all know how email traffic is one of the highly converting traffic so do definitely try this type of traffic source. Guest Blogging This is one of the most powerful means of online advertising but it can be expensive depending on Continue Reading