Top 7 High Quality Traffic Sources You Are Not Using Yet

In the Internet Marketing world, traffic is everything. You can have the best website on the internet but with no traffic you will not make a single dollar. It’s important to understand one thing before starting to drive traffic, there are two types of traffic: Untargeted Traffic & Targetted traffic. 10 Targetted Visits will definetly be more beneficial to you than 100 untargetted visitors.

Solo Ads 

When you purchase a solo ad, you are basically sending a dedicated email to someone else’s subscriber list. Choosing the right subscriber list obviously makes the whole difference. Make sure to select a subscriber list in the same niche as your website. We all know how email traffic is one of the highly converting traffic so do definitely try this type of traffic source.

Guest Blogging

This is one of the most powerful means of online advertising but it can be expensive depending on the places you will make the guest posts. Just imagine the power of having your article posted on different blogs within the same niche, apart from driving direct targeted traffic this will also help immensely with SEO which means that this is a long-term investment. Just do a search for the most popular blogs in your niche and contact the owners & ask them how much they charge for a guest blog.

Forum Traffic

From my experience this is also a really good traffic source. There are millions of forums with high traffic out there but I would stick with the top 3 in your niche. You have to be active and post insightful content & in turn I assure you that it will be worth your while. Make sure you put your website in the signature of your profile. Forums are one of the very few online traffic sources where you can literally start driving traffic in a few minutes.

Social Media

This wasn’t easy for me at first until I grasped the idea of how to properly drive traffic to my sites using social networks. First of all you should use a social network depending on your niche, I will explain this in a while. That said it doesn’t mean that you should ignore the other social networks but always give importance to the most relevant social Network. This is not so easy to explain so let me give you an example, let’s say you have a recipe blog or website & you want to start driving social traffic. What is the most relevant Social Network from these : Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter & Youtube? Here I see lots of potential with Pinterest but Facebook & Youtube could also work very well. Twitter is not very relevant as it’s not a picture focused social network but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have relevant traffic especially if you are creative in the way you attract your visitors. When you start to promote your websites on social networks check out their demographics using & try to match them with your users & what they may be interested in.

Paid Advertising

This is a though nut to crack, at least it has been for me. I lost thousands of dollars learning how to properly use this powerful media. It comes a time where you want to expand your business & paid advertising is just the perfect tool to do that. Split testing is of essence in this type of marketing because a simple line of text can make a whole lot of difference & can turn your campaign from a negative ROI one to a positive one. We put together a huge list of Paid traffic sources which should get you started.

Affiliate Traffic

This is only a valuable tool to online entrepreneurs  who have developed their own product. Affiliates can drive traffic to your website & when the visitors buys you split a fair share of the product’s price with them. Yes you will have to split your profit with other people but this will be lost business if Affiliate Marketing is ignored. Talented affiliates are much better at driving traffic than  most of us so why not use this super power to your advantage, it’s a win win situation really. The hard part is finding enough good affiliates for your product but you can make use of platforms such as ClickBank & Commission Junction.

Classified Sites

Like forum traffic Classified sites are also one of the highest quality traffic sources out there. You can start driving traffic to your site in a matter of minutes. The only downfall of classified sites is it won’t fit many niches. E-commerce type websites do really well with this kind of traffic but be creative & it will pay off.


So there you go, that’s my top 7 traffic sources that I’ve used throughout my online marketing career. Hope you find it useful enough & start exploring them 1 at a time. If you have any question or wish to make a comment, you can do so below.